The team at Nayuran

World of Wonders Developments

A unique real estate concept by WOW Developments, Nayuran will redefine residential living in Hua Hin. We create a community that reflect the global outlook of the region for a new generation of customers who demand individual expression. The Nayuran culture is anchored on originality and attention to detail, balanced with quality and flawless execution. Each residence will provide a perfect ecosystem that represents innovation, substance and craftsmanship. WOW Developments aims to revitalize housing developments and lead Hua Hin’s real estate industry into a new era of personalized enrichment that contributes to the soul of a dynamic new Hua Hin.


Life without boundaries

Designed as a vibrant community where every convenience, service and amenity is available at your doorstep. It's an idyllique location at the heart of nature, just 3 minutes from the beach, and perfectly connected to everything that matters.
Nayuran unrivalled in its sensitivity to become the benchmark for sustainable living in the region. Our vision is to become the most sought-after authentic property development in Thailand. Designed to provide residents with generous plots of land, panoramic views and the utmost level of privacy, Nayuran is home to a limited number of breathtaking exclusive properties, each tailor-made to each owner, to become part of a world-class boutique retreat. Nayuran is a new way of living.


It's the meaning and purpose behind every touch and every experience. Every element of Nayuran tells a story and provides a unique and intriguing experience.


Designed as a sanctuary from city life, residents can lose themselves in the multitude of amenities that revive and rejuvenate the senses.


Ideas and experiences come together to shape meaning. The creativity and the energy of each resident are harnessed to create a socially dynamic community.


Establish new standards

World of Wonders Developments is a boutique real estate company, established in Switzerland in 1991. We enhance the value of properties with superior design, intelligent development and efficient partnerships, working only with project-partners who are the best in their fields. With a strong commitment to extent people’s imagination and push the boundary of living, our projects aim to establish new standards in quality of life and exceed the industry’s benchmarks. We strive to provide dream homes and unique living concepts to customers from all over the world. Our success lies in our creativity, innovation and our commitment to distinction. We strongly believe in the importance of teamwork, integrity and to deliver our promises, which are the foundation of our success.

«We can create anything that you desire...Nayuran is your dream home, and we can offer you anything you require. »

Laurent Weber -Founder


The future of residential communities

As a Senior Manager in the luxury Industry with experience in pioneering brands internationally, Laurent Weber established Nayuran on a simple, yet innovative belief. We all need a house... But not just a «shelter». Instead, a «living space» filled with emotional content. That vision led him to Asia and beyond, searching for the greatest housing development. Unable to find it, he decided to create Nayuran, starting modestly with only 12 plots, allowing him to redefine residential living. Laurent's fundamental belief is adding emotional content behind every product, turning brands into successes. Laurent has now established Nayuran as the future of residential communities, with Residents at its core.