An exceptional real estate offering


Nestled amidst pineapple plantations on a gentle hillside lies an extraordinary residential offering, among the first of its kind in the region. Each villa is designed to integrate with nature and harmonize eloquently with the landscape, while innovative architecture draws the outdoors in. Nayuran is a place for residents to celebrate a rare sense of freedom and a shared love of the outdoors.



More than 80% of the development is made up of green spaces, beautiful gardens and naturally landscaped parks.


Your poolside paradise awaits

Our new Park Villas are environmentally designed inside and out, offering best connection with nature. Each villa is built using eco-friendly materials and natural resources, taking into account energy costs, air quality, equipped with energy-friendly systems such as solar power, energy saving pumps, solar hot water and rainwater collection. We have created the most versatile layout, removing any barriers between inside and outside living. Our floor-to-ceiling sliding windows can be fully opened and stored away, removing any separation between inside and the outdoor.


Unobstructed view for everyone

Each villa at Nayuran is architecturally unique and custom designed specifically for its location. Envisioned to merge with the stunning landscape, villas feature inventive, contemporary architecture and climate responsive, environmentally sensitive design. The architecture is meant to blend with the landscape, taking a humble approach that allows nature to take the center stage.

Finest quality of construction

    • Single story, no steps, anti-slip flooring in wet areas
    • Elevated Pool deck offering unique entertainment space with pool bar
    • Separated outside covered sitting areas, including outside BBQ kitchen
    • European standard building quality, concrete roof, reinforced foundations, Q-Con 20cm thick walls
    • Walk-in safe, fortified space, fire resistant, burglar proof, store valuables or personal items during longer absence
    • International supplier (Miele, Franke, Geberit, Kohler, Daikin, ABB, Sunflex, Kessel, Grundfos)

Climate responsive, environmentally sensitive design

      • Low energy features (LED lights, Eco pumps, Inverter AC)
      • Solar Hybrid system (10KW) optional
      • PURION UV water filter meeting drinking water regulations with disinfection rate of 99,99%
      • Reverse Osmosis filtration for drinking water quality from tab
      • Infinity chlorine-free swimming pool, with color LED lightning

Technology to help improve the experience at home

    • Home Automation (lights, climate, security, blinds, access, sound control)
    • Access control operated via door communication system, including video interphone and alerts
    • Fiber-optic high-speed Internet
    • Safety electric breakers with instant power cut feature, to keep resident's safe from electric hazard


Thoughtful spaces

Contemporary interiors complement the innovative architecture, with each room configured to maximize the view. Subtle details and the finest quality of finishes integrate seamlessly into the design.  Large covered terraces surrounding all rooms, made of local bamboo and glass, provide shade and protection from the rain while still allowing subtitle sunlight to pass through, keeping the space perfectly balanced and usable at all time.


Villas centered around nature

Blurring the line between indoors and out, each villa offers a distinct experience that immerses residents in the surrounding nature. Light is ever-changing, filtered through the trees or reflecting off the hills and distant sea. Views extend in multiple directions, offering a rich and varied backdrop that enhances the living experience. Far-reaching vistas can capture the hillsides fading into jungle canopies, the landscape dropping off to the sea, or the sun slipping beneath the horizon.


A reflection of yourself

Bespoke floor plans offer a truly unique experience to each resident.When we build your dream house, our team will carefully listen to all expectations, to translate needs and wishes into the perfect design that will make your living at Nayuran so exceptional. Our aim is to deliver your ideal environment, and contrary to other «one size fits all» developments, Nayuran is «your fit».