The ultimate location

A masterful setting

Less than 4 kilometers from the sandy beaches, 25 minutes from downtown Hua Hin, directly on a sublime hillside overlooking the sea, and just moments from Pak Nam Pran, life at Nayuran is a 360-degree panorama of pristine nature and tranquility. Enjoy kilometers of beachfront promenade, endless bicycle opportunities directly from your front door, in a peaceful environment away from traffic and noise, and a breathtaking scenery as a wonderful stage to call home. Ride along the beach promenade, a scenic drive along by the sea, crossing local fishermen, buzzling street markets and a relaxed beach atmosphere.



Beach, banks, 7-Eleven grocery shop, Tesco supermarket, restaurants, local hospital, pharmacy, tennis courts, etc... Everything that matters is just a few minutes away from home.


Inspiring way of life

Hua Hin is Thailand’s most popular seaside resort destination. It was here in the 1920s, that King Rama VII built a summer palace, thus creating a vogue among high society for Hua Hin as a favorite retreat from Bangkok’s summer heat. With a traditional fishing port, many seafood restaurants and Thailand’s best Golf courses, Hua Hin is a well-established destination, with full modern facilities. And in contrast to other cities, Hua Hin provides a quiet, relaxed retreat while preserving a typical Thai ambiance. Hua Hin is very suited for retirees, looking for the best offering and enjoying the most suitable climate of South East Asia all year round.

Great reasons to make Thailand your home


Low cost of living. Get more from your money and live a very comfortable lifestyle. Food, transportation, entertainment and other necessities are all more affordable. You can even splash out for regular massages and it likely won’t break the bank.


High international medical services. Thailand’s health care is world class and plenty of hospitals cater to the needs of its foreign retirees. Health care and health insurance are also much more affordable than in many other countries.


Perfect climate all year round. Thailand offers beautiful tropical temperatures, while Hua Hin enjoys a micro-climate, with far less rain and humidity than other parts of Thailand. It's simply the best spot for all year-round living.


Established foreigner community of expats, making it easy to make friends with other retirees from back home. There are also regular expat events from lunches, charity dinners and more.


Retirement visas for Thailand are available to foreigners age 50 or older. These retirement visas are good for one year and can be renewed without leaving the country.


English widely spoken while Thais are friendly towards foreigners. In Thai culture being respectful to older people is considered extremely important and part of everyday life.